Our Pack


Kelly is one of the founding enthusiasts of Max & Ruffy’s. He was greatly inspired to launch M & R through his absolute love for making his furry four-legged pack’s food and treats, his desire to have all beings treated with compassion and respect, and his desire to create a business that he and the other employees would love going to everyday. Kelly spends most of his time building the business, finding new stores to sell product too and coming up with new ideas to continue to grow the M&R brand– if he is not there you can find him spending time with Beth (strategizing for M&R), on his yoga mat, cycling, running, or out and about with his 2 dogs, Jyoti and Porter! Kelly is proud to live a vegan lifestyle.


Beth supports the M & R team with encouragement, energy and years of experience in business operations management. She loves life with her partner Kelly, family, friends, and her 2 dogs, Jyoti and Porter.


Erik is our packaging and shipping manager  – he’s the guy in charge of making sure all those treats get packaged and shipped! Erik is passionate and dedicated to delivering your companion(s) a healthy and safe product. He is a great leader and motivator for his team to have fun while getting the job done and shipped on time! When not at M&R you can find him spending time with his human family and friends!



Valerie is our processing manager – she’s the one in the processing room making sure the ingredients are safe and the dough is perfect! Valerie is an amazingly patient and kind soul who is serious about anything DOG! When not at work she is tending to her 4 legged friends. She participates in several dog shows per year either from a participant level or volunteer level.



Bunny is our bookkeeper. Yes, her name is Bunny – we haven’t figured out why yet but we just go with it. If you have a payment related question please send it her way and she will do her best to help. When not entering numbers you can find her with her family and her cats.