Max & Ruffy’s offers the best in wheat free dog treats

More and more we are recognizing that dogs have allergies and sensitivities to certain food items just like us humans. To make healthy dog treats available to dogs who may suffer from wheat sensitivity, we chose to make several of our treats wheat free. Our Mother Quinoa’s Pumpkin Patch, Five-Star Blueberry, The Kelp Highway, and Powerhouse are all wheat free dog treats. Max & Ruffy’s wheat free dog treats are different than most grain free and wheat free dog treats on the market. How? Max & Ruffy’s dog treats are all vegetarian dog treats. This makes Max & Ruffy’s a great alternative to the all meat based treats on the market. Incorporating vegetables & fruits expands your dog’s sources of nutrients that may be neglected from all meat based sources. This also will lessen the opportunity to develop allergies and sensitivities that is often seen when there is a lack of varied nutrient sources.
Try Max & Ruffy’s wheat-free dog treats and expand the variety of nutrient sources in your dog’s diet.

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