Natural Remedies in an Artificial World

Ancient Greek physician and father of western medicine, Hippocrates, once shared his simple but yet life-saving philosophy “let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.” Sadly, this minimalistic concept has now become so obstructed by the prescription drug and chemical-dominated world we live in today, many are not aware of the organic alternatives that do not carry the negative side-effects as other “convenience” products may. Looking for natural remedies in a world full of artificial treatments may be a bit daunting, but once you realize there are organic solutions to your everyday problems, you will not think twice about how to cure your throbbing headache, repel fleas and other biting bugs, or remove stains from your rug (note: elbow grease may also be required). Knowing the countless benefits of living organically and taking the natural route to healing by using simple, pure ingredients Mother Nature has to offer us is extremely achievable and affordable. Over the next several months, Max & Ruffy’s is excited to share some of our favorite natural alternatives with you and your dog! Stay tuned……

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