Send out the Nematodes!

Flea and tick season has arrived and we are once again preparing to overcome these guys with an all natural approach. Yesterday I came home to find my recent order of Beneficial Nematodes at my front door. I quickly got my Nematode soaked sponge into the fridge to await their weekend decent upon our yard. If you haven’t heard of Nematodes before, or their benefits, I strongly encourage you to read up on them. They are an inexpensive way in aiding in the natural prevention against fleas or any other “pests” that spend any part of their life cycle in the soil. All this while avoiding toxic chemicals and promoting a little cycle of life in your own backyard!
Beth and I applied them to our yard last year and, now that the package has arrived, we are ready to do it again. Last year we went the whole season without any fleas and we avoided the dreaded monthly application of toxic chemicals on our loved companions. We’re hoping for similar success this year!

Several rainy days later…our yard is thoroughly saturated and the nematodes have a new home in our backyard. Welcome home little todes.

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