Why Max & Ruffy’s

Offering animal-free (vegan), organic, and nutritious treats to your dog is a healthy choice that is easily achievable with Max & Ruffy’s.

When you choose Max & Ruffy’s, you choose to support:

Whether you are expanding your dog’s already veg menu, seeking healthier treat options, or just trying to find a flavorful new snack for you finicky eater, Max & Ruffy’s can meet your needs. Together we are making a positive choice for your dog and the environment.


Purchasing healthy treats from a cruelty-free, ethical dog treat company is no longer a challenge.

As that company, Max & Ruffy’s promises you that:

  • Our dog treats are always prepared using only certified organic, human-grade ingredients.
  • Our products are always cruelty-free containing no ingredients from animal or human exploitation – let’s face it, dogs, people and all living beings deserve respect and compassion.
  • We only use ingredients that have been produced without the use of conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, GMO grains or irradiation, purchased from companies that use environmentally friendly manufacturing and farming practices.
  • We only use whole foods in our dog treat recipes– you will never find artificial coloring, flavor enhancers, additives or harmful preservatives.
  • We will never use any animal products.
  • Our pack supports reducing global warming through the adoption of a meat-free diet. Read more about the environmental impacts of the meat industry .