About Us

Max & Ruffy’s Philosophy = Uncompromised Nutrition + Uncompromised Quality + Compassion for All Living Beings


To be the preferred provider of organic, non-outsourced, human-grade, nutritious and flavorful vegan dog food and treats.


Max & Ruffy’s mission is to be the preferred source of vegan, eco-friendly, non-outsourced, and nutritious dog treats that lend to the health and well-being of our clients’ companions.

About Beth and Kelly, the creators of Max & Ruffy’s: Searching for a source of honest food for dogs – this vegan couple developed an ethical dog treat company that provides hand-baked, organic, compassionate treats for dogs.

In 2004, we began making organic nutritious food and dog treats for our three dogs. We wanted to provide them with ingredients that were organic, human-grade, vegan, and free of the health problems often associated with large-scale commercial dog products.

Then one day while walking the dogs in the woods, the idea came to us that if we sold our homemade nutritious dog treats we would expand the selection of quality organic, vegan treats for dogs while simultaneously reducing suffering to other beings and the environment. With this as the underlying foundation and intent, Max & Ruffy’s was established.

With much encouragement, we launched Max & Ruffy’s in May of 2009 to provide our organic, hand-baked, vegan dog treats to lucky dogs everywhere!