How to Keep Your Dog Safe During the Cold Winter Months

Winter can be a dangerous time for any dog, but puppies, senior dogs, and short haired dogs are especially vulnerable to the effects of falling temperatures. To keep your pet safe, you’ll need to take a few precautions before venturing outside.

If you take your dog outside for exercise, consider investing in a sweater or two. A cozy sweater, in addition to being a stylish fashion accessory, can help your pooch stay protected from the cold. Look for one with a high collar or turtleneck that offers coverage from the base of the tail to your dog’s belly.

After a walk, your dog may end up with salt on his paws. This can cause irritation to sensitive skin. Use a damp towel to clean your pet’s paws as soon as you come back indoors.

Antifreeze is deadly to dogs, but many pooches find the sweet taste highly appealing. Take care to keep antifreeze out of your pet’s reach and choose a brand made with propylene glycol instead of ethylene glycol. Propylene glycol is less toxic and has a slightly bitter taste that is less attractive to animals.

If you have an outdoor dog, he needs a shelter that is large enough to sit and lie down in comfortably, but small enough to hold in his natural body heat. Keep the shelter raised a few inches off the ground and facing away from the wind. Cover the doorway with heavy plastic or waterproof burlap and add a layer of straw or cedar shavings to the floor.

If you have any reason to suspect that your dog may be suffering from frostbite or hypothermia, contact your vet immediately. Signs of frostbite include pain when skin is touched, cold skin indoors, and skin that is pale gray or blue. Signs of hypothermia include a weak pulse, trouble breathing, reduced appetite, listlessness, and lethargy.

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