I love your dog treats very very much!
I have a purebred Chinese Crested, and as you know they
have the most sensitive stomachs out of all dog breeds in
the world, and mine named Tia will stop eating for day’s
if one food hurts her stomach, and I am very against
commercial dog food, so she is on a strict fully organic
diet, she eats mostly Organic chicken breast with
organic rice and eggs.
Anyways, she has a sensitive stomach and your Organic dog
treats are the only dog treats that don’t make her
stomach act up!
She loves the Pizza flavor, and I actually eat them too,
because they taste so darn good!
I wanted to thank you very very much for making such great
organic quality treats!”
Hanna and Tia, HI, USA.

“I was excited to learn about your company from an email I received from BarkBox. I enjoy making purchase from smaller business that take pride in all-natural products. Plus, I typically find the customer service experience much better as well. I now have the upmost respect for your company. I was surprised to receive an email notifying me that I was being given a partial refund of the shipping costs due to your business finding a less expensive shipping service. Most companies do not seem to care about shipping expenses or give a refund, but just keep the extra shipping costs. I am truly impressed by your honesty and can’t wait to receive my dog cookies! Thanks for caring about your customers and efforts to keep customer service alive.”

“A website like yours educates people. It would be nice if there were more mindful companies like yours. You couldn’t be more perfect!”
Linda and Mulligan

CJ and Rocky Diane Hartka
“My guys friends love these treats and it so nice to use them for training and putting in their Kongs when I leave them…I love your stuff and do not even mind putting them in my mouth when doing obedience training!!! thanks for having such a healthy product :-))”
Diane, CJ and Rocky

“We absolutely love your products! Well my prague ratter, Mya loves them! I love the ingredients….They actually seem more healthy then any of the raw vegan snacks at my local health store….Thanks again so very much for all you do! And for making the only treats on the market I will let my dog have.”
Thanks, Mike


“Charlie’s first bag of Max & Ruffy’s treats came to us with his July BarkBox. Although this 80lb rescue may not look like it, he is a very picky eater with quite a few food allergies. We have tried a handful of other organic treats over the years but Max & Ruffy’s was the first brand that my little monster could not seem to get enough of. My search for a healthy treat that he actually enjoys is finally over!
It gives me peace of mind to know that there are no preservatives or animal products that could potentially upset Charlie’s sensitive stomach and it is just icing on the cake to see how excited he gets when the canister of Max & Ruffy’s treats come out.
We love Max & Ruffy’s!”
Your fans,
Stacey & Charlie
Honolulu, HI

“I just want to let you guys know how much my pups and I absolutely LOVE your treats! This is our 2nd time ordering from your site (after having found your company from BarkBox), and I haven’t found a flavor yet that my Min Pin’s didn’t absolutely love! Thank you for making such wholesome and delicious goodies for our pets!”
Thanks again,
Lindsay 🙂


“Thank you so much for the treats! Mocha loves them and they seem to be fine on her stomach! It was great talking with you on the phone. Your professionalism and kindness was refreshing and greatly appreciated. It is nice to know there are companies that care so much for their customers and the quality of their products. We will definitely be long time customers!…You have made a very happy dog(and owners too!).”

“These were truly wonderful for us, and are working amazingly for our German Sheperd (1 year) who is allergic to everything under the sun. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for coming up with this recipe, my pooch now has a treat :)’
Heidi, Berlin, CT

‘Bohdi & Jaz love your treats. We just placed our second order with you. Keep up the great work…you are our one and only stop for dog treats.’
Bohdi, Jazzy, Peter & Cindy, PA

‘Max & Ruffy’s Mini Bites are, without a doubt, our pup Zane’s favorite snacks. They are a perfect fit for treat balls and for taking a few in my pocket while on a walk. And even better, my mind is worry-free knowing they are made of all natural ingredients. Thanks so much, and we’ll be placing regular orders for these because they don’t last long!’
Mel, South Africa

‘I appreciate the fact that you have such few ingredients (and no Canola Oil!!!!) in your dog treats. I am also happy that the only grain in several of the flavors is buckwheat (not rice or wheat). I am reordering — my pup LOVES them!’

‘Paco the parrot loves his W.P. Pizza mini bites!!’
Gina, Columbia, MD

‘My 9 year old Pug loves your Pumpkin Patch treats. He’s allergic to a number of foods and I purchased these treat because he’s not allergic to any of the ingredients in these treats. Pumpkin is such a great source of fiber for him which he needs in his diet. He has Addison’s disease and has gastrointenstinal issues, but these treats agree with him and are also very nutritious. His stool is even more solid now. He absolutely loooooves them 🙂 Thank you for making such a delicious, healthy and nutritious treat for my precious Pug.’
Jennifer, Hacketsville, NJ

‘Cricket and Caleb are huge fans of Max and Ruffy’s mini bites, especially the W.P. Pizza. At the mention of “pizza cookie” they will drop whatever they’re doing and stare at me. They are a great reward, too. I love the healthy, nutritious ingredients and the environmentally friendly packaging. It’s a win-win all around! Please keep up the excellent work. :)’
Robin, Cricket and Caleb, Wrentham, MA

‘Zoe just LOVES Max and Ruffy’s pumpkin treats. She will work for food so these are the perfect size for training. Zoe has some digestive troubles so the wheat free, organic treats are perfect for her, and the pumpkin aids with digestion also. Plus, the customer service at Max and Ruffy’s has been wonderful. I highly recommend them to dog lovers that are looking for pure and healthy treats :)!’
Amy, Los Angeles, CA

‘To the folks @ Max & Ruffys. My 6yr old bluenose Pit bull “Paisan” thanks you for coming up with these great natural dog treats. He’s tried them all but… really loves the “Mother Quinoa’s Pumpkin Patch” mini bites. Many thanks again!’
Mike, Bronx, NY

‘I was introduced to your product yesterday at Bark in Kentlands. After bringing home the mini-treat sample bag for my beagle, she was so enthusiastic that I returned today to purchase more. Thanks so much for introducing us to these new organic dog treats. It was a pleasure meeting you as well!’
Eileen, Gaithersburg, MD

‘I just got a sample and bought a box of pumpkin treats at the Congressional location of Bark! and my two Aussie Shepherds are very happy! Thanks SO much for making a healthy vegan product I can give to my dogs and not worry about all the fillers and garbage that lurk in other treats. Now, just make some bigger ones I can give my horses.’
Willette, Rockville, MD

‘I had the wonderful honor of meeting the gentlemen of Max and Ruffy’s. I expressed to him that my labrador retriever “Mickey” loves the treats. I always look forward to buying the Molasses Explosion, Mother Quinoa’s Pumpkin Patch or W.P. Pizza treats because Mickey truly loves these treats. The greatest thing about these treats is that they are all natural. Thank you so much for creating wonderful dog treats because Mickey loves every tasty bite.”
-Senoviah and Mickey

‘ I love that your treats are vegan — I don’t want to touch meat! My dogs like all your treats, but they go absolutely nuts for the pumpkin flavored ones!’
-Hillary C., Sliver Spring, MD

‘While at The Pet Beastro in Madison Heights, MI the owner, Jill Tack, let my sweet, good dog, Ruby (pictured below), taste test some of the flavors of your dog treats. Well, actually, first she offered ME a pizza treat. I was trying to steer Ru toward something kelpy but SHE chose pizza.Thank you for your caring, conscientious company with such great, nummy treats for our dear friends.’
-Ellen & Ruby Blue Eyes

‘Hi-just wanted to take a minute to send some positive feedback – my boxers love your quinoa/pumpkin treats (Mother Qunioa’s Pumpkin Patch). Our girl has allergies and can’t eat many kinds of food and treats. She loves your pumpkin dog treats and it totally agrees with her! I’ve tried one myself and they are yummy. Thanks for a wonderful product. I purchase it at Bark in Gaithersburg, MD.’
Sue in Gaithersburg, MD

‘Thank you for the samples of the new wheat free dog treats & grain free dog treats. The pugs LOVE the new flavors. (they said that they would be happy to try any other new products you may be releasing) they got very excited but I cannot tell which flavor they prefer. When the new flavors are released, I will be buying a box of each flavor in each of my orders. Great ingredients, speedy shipping & great size for small dog treats! Thanks for making a super product!
– Liz & the pugs (bella, jennie & jorja)

‘Our 1-year old golden retriever can usually never sit still. The first time she tried a Max & Ruffy’s treat, she remained in sit position with her cheeks literally quivering, begging for another.’
-Margi, with dog Riley

‘I only have to open the package and my Obie comes running from two rooms away.’
– April

‘My dogs are both young, but one has pretty severe allergies and the other has severe hip dysplasia. Replacing their old treats with the natural ingredients in Max & Ruffy’s has been incredible for them. Now, we’re just waiting for Max & Ruffy’s to make a food line…’
– Nelson, with a 2 year old golden retriever and golden mix who she calls her Golden Eski-Chow Retriever

Max and Ruffy’s vegan dog treats are gobbled up by our little dog… perfect, healthy dog treats…. Our pet loves “Max and Ruffy’s!!!
– Barbara, speaking on behalf of Casey.

“Juno loves the quinoa pumpkin treats – he can hardly wait for me to open the box! He even picks up the crumbs!”
– Michelle – Richmond, VA