What’s going on at Max & Ruffy’s….

A lot has been going on here at Max & Ruffy’s. We have been busy making treats (of course) and preparing for the launch of our NEW flavors! We are very excited about these awesome new treats! There are three new flavors, all of which are GRAIN-FREE, and your dog(s) are going to love them! Over the past several months we have handed out a whole bunch of these tasty morels to an array of dogs and have received excellent reviews – yes, even from the “picky” dogs, or discerning as we like to call them. Now that we have you all excited you are probably wondering when your dog can get their paws on these, right? Well, we are anticipating a launch date of May 1st if all goes according to plan – basically we are in the final stage of package design with Raven + Crow Studio and then it’s off to the box company for printing. Yes, we are very eager to debut the new flavors – let’s just say they are simple, healthy, and awesome!
Stay tuned!!

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