Why Is My Dog Peeing in the House?

iStock_000035781634_SmallWhen a house trained adult dog starts having accidents, it’s important to get to the root of this behavior as soon as possible. There are many different reasons why your pet might be having accidents and each cause requires a different course of action.

Having accidents in the house can be a sign of several different medical problems, including infections, kidney disease, tumors, and spinal cord injuries. Female dogs who are spayed or elderly may be struggling with incontinence due to a lack of estrogen. Dogs that are on medication for another health problem may have accidents as a side effect of their medicine. If you’ve noticed any other unusual symptoms in your pet, such as changes in appetite or activity level, make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible.

Once medical problems have been ruled out, you will want to look at any environmental causes for your dog’s accidents. Dogs are very sensitive to human emotions and the stress caused by birth, death, divorce, or other life changes can cause them to start having accidents. Even smaller deviations in your dog’s daily routine, such as a schedule change related to the working hours at your job or remodeling the house and having unfamiliar people around, might create problems. Stabilizing your dog’s routine so he feels safe and secure should take care of the problem.

Regardless of the reason for your dog’s accidents, do not punish your pet by yelling, spanking, or rubbing his nose in the mess. In addition to being an ineffective deterrent, punishing your pet in this way is likely to make him start urinating in hidden places that will make getting to the root of the problem even more difficult.

Remember to clean up after your dog thoroughly each time he has an accident. It’s important to use an enzymatic cleanser designed for pet urine to remove all odors. If the accident has not been properly cleaned, the residual odor may cause your pet to continue seeking out the same spot to eliminate.

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